[Mailman-Users] Polling or voting on list

e.c. eminmn at sysmatrix.net
Thu Aug 22 18:53:32 CEST 2013

Our list would benefit from an ability on the part of listmembers to vote
on proposals made by listowners. In this type of discussion list a
non-secret ballot would be appropriate, and both a tally of pro and con
vote totals along with table (text file?) showing the vote associated with
each subscribed email address. The results could be sent to each listmember
or posted somehow on the list webmail site. (Does mailman have an area like
Sympa's _Shared Documents_ area in the web interface?) Also, a way of
setting a deadline for voting would have to be an option. (In our case a
voting period of between 10 and 30 days would be appropriate.)

Thanks for any info about mailman's current capabilities along these lines
or suggestions for implementing this functionality.


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