[Mailman-Users] Can Mailman be installed on a free python webhost?

R. Sheng-Chieh Cheng shengchieh at linuxmail.org
Sun Dec 1 04:48:03 CET 2013

Hi Mailman geeks

I am hoping to install a discussion mailing list. Mailman has
what I want, but I question whether I can use Mailman. I do NOT
have a mail server. And our group needs to live cheaply, so
we are not buying one. There are a few free python webhosts.
But I question whether I could install Mailman since the
installation instruction says
 1) add mailman to /etc/passwd
 2) add mailman to /etc/group
 3) install on /usr/local/mailman
I doubt a free webhost would let me do this.

Has anyone added Mailman to a free webhost? If so, which one?
And what workaround used?

If positive, can I assume that I don't need to know python -
just use ./configure & make install .

If negative, can you suggest another python, PHP, and/or Perl
(script) discussion mailing list that I could load unto a free
webhost's website?

Thank in advanced for your hlelp.


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