[Mailman-Users] Can Mailman be installed on a free python webhost?

R. Sheng-Chieh Cheng shengchieh at linuxmail.org
Mon Dec 2 06:07:20 CET 2013

Sorry Stephen, I sent just to you, not the group.
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Stephen & Mark, thank you for replying.

With all the hack and permission's problem, I decided not to try to install Mailman
anywhere. I am not a geek and know no python, so I am not going to start.
 > I am confused. I believe there are free webhosting services that > offer Mailman as one of their services.[1] If you're not interested > in programming Python, maybe you could use one of those. I will check out free Mailman host(s). If you have any recommendation, I would appreciate hearing. > If you really need to restrict yourself to the "web" services of the > host, I'm afraid you probably have to give up on having a featureful > mailing list manager, and should consider using a web forum instead. I am doing dual strategy - looking at forums as well as mailing lists. FluxBB looks good for our needs - email subscription. The trouble is the people in this group (former patrons of a therapetic swimming pool - alot of seniors) are not tech-savvy. Let make this way - here's their computer level. I know where the power button. I know that slot is a media drive, not a cup holder. Hmmm. For email, I double-click this icon. Use it to read and write stuffs. I really want to get the group on mailing list than a forum - so much easier for them. Hard to teach an old dog a new trick. Sheng-Chieh

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