[Mailman-Users] new Gmail inbox & MM subscribe

Fred H Olson fholson at cohousing.org
Fri Dec 6 16:01:59 CET 2013

With a new subscriber I recently tracked down a problem with
"the new Gmail inbox" introduced in about July 2013 and the Mailman
subscription process.  MM Verify and Welcome messages and such can
be filtered into the "Promotions" Tab (in my experiment) so they do not
show up in the new Gmail inbox making it difficult to respond to them
and appear to some users that they did not arrive. I suspect they
are being filtered (by default ?).

The messages can be seen by clicking on "All Mail" on the left
but apparently "All Mail" is not always or has not always been an option
on the left according the a page from Oct 2013 that tells how to get it
if you dont have it:


In my wife's account I had to put the mouse over the folders on the
left and the click on "More" to find "All Mail".  We also noticed that
the "Tabs" at the top ( "Primary", "Social" "Updates" etc) are only
shown when Inbox has been clicked (or default) but they disappear
when "All Mail" is clicked.

I plan to put a note about this in the section of the Info page...

Fred  (who is in No Mail mode on this list...)

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