[Mailman-Users] Delivery error to virtual list

MP Netsai mpn at icabs.co.zw
Tue Dec 17 04:41:58 CET 2013

Can someone please point me in the right direction. I have just recently 
built Mailman for virtual domains. I have followed the guidelines on section 
6.2.12 (Virtual Domains) {http://www.list.org/mailman-install/node28.html}. 
I am using Exim 4.80 and Mailman 2.1.14 on a FreeBSD 9.1. The error on 
trying to deliver message to a created list comes back as "unknown user", 

exim -bt createdlist at mydomain.com
createdlist at mydomain.com is undeliverable: Unknown user

I am not sure if my error is on my transport or router configuration. Would 
very much appreciate some help.

Many thanks,


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