[Mailman-Users] Bug in SUBSCRIBE_FORM_SECRET feature?

Sebastian Hagedorn Hagedorn at uni-koeln.de
Wed Dec 18 10:27:15 CET 2013


I installed Mailman 2.1.17 last night (upgrade from 2.1.15) and decided to 
give the SUBSCRIBE_FORM_SECRET feature a try, since we don't use static 
subscribe forms. All seemed well, but this morning I noticed that the 
listinfo page for some of the lists didn't work anymore. Here's an example 
from the error log:

Dec 18 10:15:43 2013 admin(328): 
admin(328): [----- Mailman Version: 2.1.17 -----]
admin(328): [----- Traceback ------]
admin(328): Traceback (most recent call last):
admin(328):   File "/usr/lib/mailman/scripts/driver", line 117, in run_main
admin(328):     main()
admin(328):   File "/usr/lib/mailman/Mailman/Cgi/listinfo.py", line 65, in 
admin(328):     list_listinfo(mlist, language)
admin(328):   File "/usr/lib/mailman/Mailman/Cgi/listinfo.py", line 194, in 
admin(328):     mlist.internal_name() +
admin(328): TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +: 'int' and 'str'
admin(328): [----- Python Information -----]
admin(328): sys.version     =   2.7.6 (default, Nov 11 2013, 12:26:23)
[GCC 4.4.7 20120313 (Red Hat 4.4.7-1)]
admin(328): sys.executable  =   /usr/bin/python2.7
admin(328): sys.prefix      =   /usr
admin(328): sys.exec_prefix =   /usr
admin(328): sys.path        =   ['/usr/lib/mailman/pythonlib', 
'/usr/lib/mailman', '/usr/lib/mailman/scripts', '/usr/lib/mailman', 
'/usr/lib/python27.zip', '/usr/lib/python2.7/', 
'/usr/lib/python2.7/plat-linux2', '/usr/lib/python2.7/lib-tk', 
'/usr/lib/python2.7/lib-old', '/usr/lib/python2.7/lib-dynload', 
admin(328): sys.platform    =   linux2
admin(328): [----- Environment Variables -----]
admin(328): 	SERVER_SOFTWARE: Apache/2.2.3 (Red Hat)
admin(328): 	SCRIPT_NAME: /mailman/listinfo

When I looked at line 194 in /usr/lib/mailman/Mailman/Cgi/listinfo.py, I 
noticed that it handles the SUBSCRIBE_FORM_SECRET feature. So I disabled 
the feature, restarted Mailman, and now the listinfo page works again.

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