[Mailman-Users] Sibling lists and senders - regular_include

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sat Feb 2 09:39:31 CET 2013

Vicki Berenson wrote:
>I have created an announcements list that includes several sublists in regular_include_lists.
>There are also a number of individual subscribers (staff at our agency). I have set all but two of them to be moderated. The idea is that I want 2 of us (Vicki and Colleen) to be able to send to the announcements list, and the others to just receive posts.

The safer way to do this that prevents posting by spoofing Vicki or
Colleen in the From: header is to moderate everyone on the
announcements list and post using an Approved: password header or
pseudo-header. See the FAQ at <http://wiki.list.org/x/3YA9>.

>What I'm unclear about is, if Vicki or Colleen are not members of one of the sublists in regular_include_lists, will our posts to announcements still get to the people who are only on those lists?


>If someone is an announcements list administrator, will they be able to send to the announcements list and thus to all the sublist subscribers? Do we need to be announcement list members to post?

Any unmoderated member can post and anyone who knows the list admin or
moderator or in 2.1.15 poster password can post with an Approved:
password header.

Having one's address listed as an owner or moderator only results in
one's receiving certain emailed notices and messages to -owner, it
conveys no posting priviledge. See the FAQ at

>And just to clarify: if we want to be sure that digest members receive these posts but not duplicates, we should include all the lists in regular_exclude_lists (as well as includes) and include all the lists in To or Cc?

In this case, people who are members of more than one sub-list will
receive dups from the sub-lists, they just won't receive a dup from
the announce list if they happen to be a regular member of one or more

Or maybe just mail to all the lists without using regular_include_lists
or regular_exclude_lists at all or use an umbrella list. See the FAQs
at <http://wiki.list.org/x/TIA9> and <http://wiki.list.org/x/boA9>.

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