[Mailman-Users] Subject line message filtering

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sat Feb 9 01:28:23 CET 2013

Chris Nulk wrote:

> My regex filter is:
>       ^Subject:[\s\+]*\[.*\]\s+(Invitation|Canceled Event):.*

I know you've resolved this and that the issue was that
header_filter_rules are processed way before the subject_prefix is added
so you didn't want the '\[.*\]'part of the pattern, but I'm confused by
the '[\s\+]*' part of the pattern which says match 0 or more occurrences
of the character class consisting of any white space character (\s) and
the plus sign (either \+ or just + would be equivalent here, + loses its
special meaning inside []).

So, is [\s\+]* a typo or did you just mean \s+ or \s*?

> Also, can any of the sender/recipient filters cause the message to bypass the spam filters?  The message pipeline is unchanged.

No. header_filter_rules are processed by SpamDetect which is the first
module in the pipeline. As you discovered, the CookHeaders module which
adds the subject_prefix comes much later, and the sender/recipient
filters are processed by Moderate which also comes later.

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