[Mailman-Users] ImportError: cannot import name _C

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri Feb 15 02:11:06 CET 2013

Lummoxx wrote:
>I need to reset a list password, but when I run ./reset_pw.py, I get a
>python error:

This is not the way to run reset_pw.py.

You run it with 'withlist', but there is some issue with your copy of
reset_pw.py. Running it via ./reset_pw.py hould produce usage
instructions, not a traceback.

>Traceback (most recent call last):
>  File "./reset_pw.py", line 41, in <module>
>    from Mailman.i18n import _C
>ImportError: cannot import name _C

Your copy of reset_pw.py is corrupted somehow. Line 41 in the file
should be

from Mailman.i18n import _

(no C at the end). Get a clean copy at
Note this is an 'unconfigured' file. replace @PYTHON@ on the first
line with /usr/bin/python or whatever the path to the python used by
Mailman is.

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