[Mailman-Users] Need to see sender of post to my list

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sat Feb 23 19:27:20 CET 2013

Gregory Beyer wrote:
> I have
>senders email addresses hidden to protect privacy and prevent spam abuse.
>Occasionally, I - as the administrator - need to see the actual poster
>of a message sent by a member.  They sent an inappropriate message, or
>perhaps their email is spam virus infected and they are unknowingly
>spamming.  When I go to archives, all I can find in the emails is the
>obfuscated information about a message, but not the actual senders email
>address.   If they don't sig the email, I have no way to know who they

That's why the setting is called anonymous_list. You arenn't supposed
to be able to determine who sent a post from the received post or the

>How can I find out, while maintaining privacy so that addresses are not
>exposed to the list at large?

The only place you can find this information is in mailman's 'post'
log. For each post, there will be an entry like "post to <LISTNAME>
from <contents of original From: header> anonymized".

If you don't have access to the Mailman logs on the server, you will
have to get this information from someone who does.

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