[Mailman-Users] Different From field between digest and non digest

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Feb 27 01:00:30 CET 2013

Graham Bentley wrote:
>I have just got started with mailman and have noticed that
>in non digest mode subscribers recieve posts from ie in
>their mail client FROM: field
>listname at domain

Presumably this behavior is what you want. It occurs because the list
admin General Options -> anonymous_list setting is Yes. This causes to
the extent possible any information in the original message headers
that could be used to help identify the original sender to be removed
or replaced. In the case of the From: header, the original poster's
From: is replaces with one containing the list's description and
posting address. If anonymous_list is No, the original From: is left
in the message sent to list members.

>but in digest mode from;
>listname-request at domain
>I would prefer the former for both but cant seem to find how 
>to change this?

This may be a historical artifact, but it's been that way 'forever'.
There is no configuration setting to change it. You would have to
change the code in the definition of send_i18n_digests() in

Note that there is a Reply-To: header in the digest with the list
posting address so a 'reply' to a digest should be addressed to the
list by default.

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