[Mailman-Users] Good use of the site list?

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sun Jan 6 06:30:28 CET 2013

On 1/5/2013 7:14 AM, DongInn Kim wrote:
> Couldn't it be the prey of spammers then?
> What I meant is to allow only all the valid users who have subscribed for at least one mailing list to write an email to the site list but not all generic nonmember.

Then put @LISTNAME in the site list's accept_these_nonmembers for each
LISTNAME in the installation other than the site list.


cd /path/to/mailman
bin/list_lists --bare |
awk 'BEGIN{print "accept_these_nonmembers = ["}
    !/^SITE_LIST$/{print "@"$1","}
    END{print "]"}' > $f
bin/config_list -i $f SITE_LIST
rm $f

where SITE_LIST is the name of the site list (probably mailman).

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