[Mailman-Users] sendmail error 67 when sending mail to a list onour mail host

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Jan 8 19:18:24 CET 2013

Art Werschulz wrote:
>  Moreover, we have 
>   sobolev at dsm:~$ nslookup -query=mx dsm.fordham.edu
>   Server:
>   Address:
>   dsm.fordham.edu mail exchanger = 10 dsm.dsm.fordham.edu.
>Thus mail going to bovik at dsm.fordham.edu will really go to
>bovik at dsm.dsm.fordham.edu.

Not really. Mail to bovik at dsm.fordham.edu will be routed to the MX at
dsm.dsm.fordham.edu, but the envelope will still be to
bovik at dsm.fordham.edu.

>Mailman (provided by the mailman-2.1.14-13.fc17.x86_64 RPM) runs on
>the mail host dsm.dsm.fordham.edu.
>"test" is a mailman list, which I use for testing purposes.  I am a
>member of the test list.
>The problem:
>The following problem just started happening today.

And what changed between yesterday and today in the sendmail
configuration on dsm.dsm.fordham.edu or elsewhere in your network?

>If I am logged in on dsm.dsm.fordham.edu, I can send mail to (say)
>test or to test at dsm.fordham.edu.
>If I am logged in on any other host on the network, I can send mail to
>test at dsm.dsm.fordham.edu.  HOWEVER, if I send mail to test at dsm.fordham.edu,
>mail bounces.

This is really a sendmail question. It is a bit puzzling because if you
are sending from dsm.dsm.fordham.edu, the MTA apparently knows how to
deliver to test at dsm.fordham.edu, but if you are sending from another
machine in your network, delivery fails.

Note however that I just sent a test message to
test-request at dsm.fordham.edu, and it was delivered via
dsm.dsm.fordham.edu, and Mailman replied. Thus, my best guess,
assuming it still doesn't work for you, is that for some reason, other
machines on your network don't relay mail to test at dsm.fordham.edu via

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