[Mailman-Users] Automating procmail processing for new lists

Eric Smith es at fruitcom.com
Thu Jan 10 12:27:41 CET 2013

The below suggestions to procmail before posting to the list requires
manual configuration each time you set up a new list.

Is there a simple automatic way to achieve this?

Eric Smith


Taylor, Marc wrote:
>I have an Ubuntu server running Mailman 2.1.9, Postfix 2.5.1 and
>procmail 3.22.  I have gotten mailman and postfix to work correctly
>using the postfix-to-mailman.py file.
>How does one integrate procmail into this mixture with the
>postfix-to-mailman.py file?  Is it possible to do this or does one have
>to configure postfix and mailman differently in order to have procmail
>do some filtering?

I understand that postfix_to_mailman.py is packaged with the
Debian/Ubuntu Mailman package, but it is 3rd party software, not
supported (officially at least) by the GNU Mailman project.

That said, one possibility might be to modify the mailman transport in
/etc/postfix/master.cf to invoke procmail instead of
postfix_to_mailman.py and then have procmail invoke
postfix_to_mailman.py for the mail it wants to deliver.

Another possibility is to modify postfix_to_mailman.py to invoje
procmail instead of Mailman's mail wrapper and then have procmail
invoke Mailman's wrapper to post the mail.

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