[Mailman-Users] Testing STEALTH_MODE = 1

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Jan 10 22:09:01 CET 2013

Tom Skelley wrote:
>I've found that setting STEALTH_MODE = 1 in mailman/scripts/driver should
>fix the problem, but I need to test it. Is there a way to force an error
>through the web interface?

What Mailman version are you running? STEALTH_MODE has been set to 1 by
default in scripts/driver since Mailman 2.1.6. If you are still
running 2.1.5 or earlier and are concerned about security issues, see

>I've tried changing file permissions on the python binary, changing file
>permissions on the .py and .pyc scripts, trying to import non-existant
>modules etc, but I can't manage to get it to dump a stack trace.

Edit the file Mailman/Cgi/rmlist.py

Insert the line

raise Exception

immediately preceding the line

def main():

and go to a URL like <http://example.com/mailman/rmlist>.

After you're finished testing, remove the added line.

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