[Mailman-Users] Export messages to another archiver

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sat Jan 12 01:13:18 CET 2013

Vincent Le Goff wrote:
>Thanks, I didn't think about subscribing a local address to get the
>incoming messages.
>That could be what I need, but as I will try different solutions
>before choosing, could you tell me (if it's simple enough, redirect me
>otherwise to some web page) how to export messages with the 'withlist'

withlist is probably not at all what you want. The only thing you could
do with withlist is use archiver methods to retrieve messages from the
built in archive. This would be difficult as the methods are designed
to add messages to an archive, not to retrieve them. It would be
easier to create a process which accesses the
archives/private/LISTNAME.mbox/LISTNAME.mbox file and retrieves 'new
messages from it.

If you want this process to replace the built in archiving rather than
supplement it, and you want it to apply to all lists or maybe just all
lists with public archives or all lists with private archives, See the
documentation for PRIVATE_EXTERNAL_ARCHIVER and

# Archive defaults

section in Mailman's Defaults.py.

>I would like to find a way to export (either periodically or every
>time a message is received) the list's posts, in order to use a
>different web interface for the archiver.  I know that selecting ALL
>messages posted to a list could be a really bad idea, if the list is
>big enough, but maybe some ways (that I would look for later) would
>allow me to export only one post at a time.

As noted above, if you want to replace the built in archiver, Mailman's
facility for specifying an external archiver is the way to go unless
you want to do it for just one or a few of many lists. If you want it
for just a few lists, the easiest way is to subscribe a local address
and alias it to a pipe to the archiving process. Another way would be
a custom handler which would apply to only selected lists and pipe the
message to the external archiver. See the FAQ at

If you want an external archiver for all lists to supplement rather
than replace the built in archiver, see the FAQ at

>PS: The reply-to is set to your address, not to the list.  I don't
>know if I'm supposed to reply to the mailman-users mailing list, or if
>I just have to summarize what you told me in a different post.

You posted to the list. I 'replied all' which addressed my reply to
both you and the list (you probably only received the direct copy
because your subscription is set to "Avoid duplicate copies of
messages?" - nodupes). There was no reply-to: in my message to you and
there would not have been in the list copy either. You can either
'reply' to just me or 'reply all' to me and the list. The latter is
usually, but not always what you want.

I have Cc'd this reply to the list.

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