[Mailman-Users] Amazon SES and Verified Senders

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Sat Jan 12 04:39:42 CET 2013

Duane Winner writes:

 > Does anyone have any ideas on how to deal with this dilemma: I am
 > running Mailman+Postfix+Ubuntu in Amazon AWS, and using Amazon SES
 > as a relay.  Although, this problem isn't unique to just SES. This
 > problem is common among many relay services, DynDNS to name
 > another.
 > To prevent against spam and abuse, SES, DynDNS and other relay
 > services require that you VERIFY each SENDER before you can send
 > mail from that email address.
 > When running Mailman, each member of every list is the SENDER, and
 > it is not practical or even possible to verify every sender. 

AFAICS, you lose, then.  Specifically, if you obfuscate the sender,
you are probably in violation of the AUP for the relay service you
are using.

Have you tried working directly with Amazon SES to resolve the issue?

I wonder if a third possibility, namely encapsulating every message in
another message sent by Mailman, would do the trick.  Ie, require all
subscribers to subscribe to the digest edition of the list.


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