[Mailman-Users] Amazon SES and Verified Senders

Duane Winner closetotheledge at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 12 15:15:11 CET 2013

>Have you tried working directly with Amazon SES to resolve the issue?

I have not personally, but on their forums, others have posed have the same problem, and following is a reply directly from AWS:

>>We want to accommodate as many ways to send email as we can, while also providing strong protections against phishing and other abusive email. If the email address verification feature did not exist, then anyone could send 
>>to the members of your mailing list using the email address of your organization (
>>), for example. We realize that this creates some roadblocks to your users communicating with each other using Amazon SES as the medium. Here are some partial solutions to consider:
>>When sending through Amazon SES, instead of using the 
>>From address of your user, instead use your organization's email address with a "friendly name" which identifies the user. Only the email address portion is verified, so you can send with 
>>From addresses like so:
>>From: "Seth" <mailman at nearzero.org>
>>From: "Justin C." <mailman at nearzero.org>
>>You may also consider adding a 
>> header identifying the original user's actual email address. A regular reply will be sent there, directly to that user. A Reply All will include the "mailman" address which you can treat as a message to the list.

If I knew how to replace the "Friendly name" with something else, that /might/ be another solution, but I haven't been able to figure out how to do that. I'm guessing that is a Postfix question.

>I wonder if a third possibility, namely encapsulating every message in
>another message sent by Mailman, would do the trick.  Ie, require all
>subscribers to subscribe to the digest edition of the list.

That's not an option. We use lists for minute-by-minute round table conversations and tech support.

If find it hard to believe that this isn't a common issue, since many people need a 3rd party SMTP relay....
Is it possible that this just doesn't come up much because people who run Mailman run everything, including their own SMTP relay in-house?


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