[Mailman-Users] Fw: Delivery Status Notification (Failure)

Christopher Woods (CM) christopher at custommade.org.uk
Sun Jan 20 07:51:08 CET 2013

On 20/01/2013 05:27, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Amit Bhatt wrote:
>> I don't think there is any issue persisting because of Gmail, but just like
>> to tell that he is sending the messages from his mobile phone.
> What happens if he sends from something other than his phone?

My thoughts also. If he's using ISP-provided SMTP, or they're 
transparently proxying outbound by whatever means, that might cause an 
SPF related bounce depending whether the sayeverything.org mailserver's 
enforcing strict policies.

Alternatively his messages may be being flagged as spam because he's 
sending from an Indian ISP ipblock (I aggressively nullroute all traffic 
from Chinese ipblocks on the servers I admin because I only ever, ever 
get abusive hack attempts from them, and that's before my dnswl and 
other list-checking procedures for incoming email).

I was wondering if the space at the end of the sayeverything.org domain 
(see his original quoted message) would make a difference but I've done 
two-way testing and both GMail and third party mailservers seem to 
either ignore or strip out the extraneous whitespace at the end of my 
domains during testing. This may be Thunderbird doing it for me also.

However if EPOC Email -- the Psion OS client! -- doesn't handle 
whitespace stripping, this might be causing the GMail problem where it's 
unable to send. I did check the error message but the mailer daemon 
return error didn't include any whitespace on the end of the message. 
However that could just be the mailer daemon send procedure stripping 
off the whitespace or just ignoring it. I did also find it unusual that 
Google included no technical details as to the nature of the failure, in 
my experience it's always done that.

I suggest the OP recommends his user experiencing the problem to first 
try re-typing, from scratch, the sayeverything at sayeverything.org list 
address, without the whitespace on the end, deleting any existing 
entries in his address book to avoid unintended repeat or autofill of 
the wrong address. Send a test message, and if that doesn't work, try 
from a desktop computer or the web interface.

If that doesn't work, he should try sending email to just the 
sayeverything mailserver with no CCs or multiple recipients (I noted he 
sent the same email to two addresses both in the primary To: field, good 
practice would have been to CC one of the recipients).

Failing that, it's time to get physical with the server hosting the 
sayeverything mailing list.

Best of luck...

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