[Mailman-Users] Information about config_list and change_pw

Chris Nulk cnulk at scu.edu
Fri Jan 25 22:31:49 CET 2013

Hello all,

Before I go and completely savage the lists we have here, I thought I 
would try to get a little more information about using config_list.

I get the list information from a file sent to me.  I want to use a 
script to process the file, output the processed data to a file, then 
use config_list to make the changes to the appropriate list(s).  The 
only values I want to change are the list's owner, moderator, and the 

Can I create a file (properly formatted) to input into config_list 
containing only the values I want to change?  Or, do I have to dump the 
entire file, make the changes, then reload?

Next, I see the change_pw allows me to change a list's password.  Is 
that the owner's password, the moderator's password, or both?  If it is 
only the owners password, is there a way to change the moderator's 
password through some other mechanism/program?


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