[Mailman-Users] Mailman hosting needed

Brian Carpenter brian at emwd.com
Sun Jan 27 14:20:33 CET 2013

> Hi Everyone,
> I've been running my own server hosting (amongst other things) mailman for
> the last 10+ years using a combination of either my own server, or more
> recently VPS.
> However, I've got to the point in my life where it is too much work to
> the servers myself, so am now offloading all the services on to hosted
> I have successfully moved everything off with the exception of some
> services that I run for my church.
> I have three lists one of which is used significantly more than the other
two, but
> collectively they have no more than 700 messages per year sent on them /
> subscribers.
> Can anyone recommend a host that might be suitable for my needs?

Hi James:

The Mailman community keeps a list of Mailman friendly hosts located at:


My company is on that list and I would like to invite you to take a look at
our Mailman specific hosting service. You can get more information at

Feel free to shoot me off any questions off-list if you have any. Have a
great weekend.

Brian Carpenter

T: 336.755.0685
E: brian at emwd.com

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