[Mailman-Users] About Spam Filtering

METU E-List Admin listeyon at metu.edu.tr
Tue Jan 29 10:08:30 CET 2013


In some of our lists, we are receiving excessive spam messages. We 
analyzed the spam messages and found that they have similar headers. As 
a result, we developed the following list:

^X-Mailer: (?!Microsoft Outlook .*)$
^X-mailer: .*$
^X-Mailer-LID: .*$
^X-Mailer-RecptId: .*$
^X-Mailer-SID: .*$
^X-Mailer-Sent-By: .*$
^X-Spam-Status: Yes.*$
^X-Spam-Flag: YES
^X-Virus-Status: Yes

We don't want to receive any mails from external mail systems, only real 
persons can send emails.

We enter this list to the bounce_matching_headers part (in the admin 
panel, under Spam Filtering).

However, we couldn't make this list processed by Mailman. We also 
couldn't understand in what part we are doing wrong.

Can you please assist us in this situation?


Note: We are using Mailman 2.1.13

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