[Mailman-Users] About Spam Filtering

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Jan 30 17:06:32 CET 2013

METU E-List Admin wrote:

>I have added
>^X-Mailer: (?!Microsoft Outlook .*)$
>as the first rule and set to Hold according to your instructions.
>I tried to block all mails except the mails from MS Outlook. However 
>today, I received an email with header like:
>X-Mailer: Microsoft CDO for Windows 2000
>I couldn't understand why this header did not go to pending moderator 

Was the message addressed to the list address or to the list-owner
address? header_filter_rules with Hold action are not applied to
-owner mail.

If this doesn't explain it, please post the entire content of
header_filter_rules and the full headers of the message you received.

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