[Mailman-Users] Domain name

Benjamin_Joyner at ao.uscourts.gov Benjamin_Joyner at ao.uscourts.gov
Thu Jul 11 21:05:45 CEST 2013


I am having an issue with the configured domain name for my mailman 
server.  The dome name does not have a www apendation on it it is 
xxx.chnt.gtwy.dcn we also have a virtual name setup as xxx.gtwy.dcn.  The 
problem is that when I create a new mailing list, the domain name referred 
to in the email sent out to users is truncated to .gtwy.dcn.  This cuts 
off the first part of the needed domain name.  I know I can go in and 
under the general option fix this, but is there a way to set it so that it 
will not truncate the domain name automaticaly.  This way users can create 
their lists, without this added configuration needed?

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