[Mailman-Users] To restrict sending email messages per day

Nezih Yasar nyasar at bilgievi.net
Mon Jul 15 22:03:33 CEST 2013

Thank you Stephen,
We have enough additional lists sharing the traffic but this is an alumni
list without moderation. It has a central role. Each alumni has a right to
affiliate the list.
Our members agree on two-mail-per-day restriction convinced that it
disciplines writing to this central list. So this is a rule in our
procedural document which is like a regulatory framework.
But really a few members do not obey this rule deliberately. Condemnations
had no effect on them. This is the reason we need such a technical way to
obey the rule.
Our members can tolerate two mails per day from these people, but most of
members are very uneasy because of the excessive mail annoyance of them.
Naturally this has caused some drops in memberships.
This our problem, an embedded rule may ease our pain. But we can manage it
as in last fifteen years countenancing dropped memberships continues...
I am not sure whether this situation requires such a tool, some of our
members demand it.
I am really sorry for that weepy and long explanations :(
Thanks a lot.
Nezih Yasar

On Mon, Jul 15, 2013 at 4:43 PM, Stephen J. Turnbull <stephen at xemacs.org>wrote:

> Nezih Yasar writes:
>  > Hello everybody,
>  > I am an owner of a list using Mailman.
>  > We have more than 200 active senders in a 2000-member list.
>  > We need a setup tool to restrict 2 messages per day for every user.
>  > Is it available such a setup in Mailman?
> No.
>  > Does anyone have any experience like this?
> Such restrictions are typically neither fair nor effective.  It is
> quite difficult to prevent a determined and mildly skilled user from
> posting without moderation, but your list must be receiving about 500
> posts per day.  So moderation doesn't sound like a very attractive
> alternative.  But if you don't have moderation, the determined and
> skilled will be able to post freely, while others are effectively
> suppressed.
> Perhaps it would be possible to set up additional lists and split the
> traffic?
> If that doesn't appeal to you, we need to know more about your
> requirements.

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