[Mailman-Users] Problems after server migration

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Jul 17 03:42:07 CEST 2013

On 07/16/2013 05:38 PM, alv at alv.cl wrote:
> On Tue, 16 Jul 2013 at 12:28pm, Mark Sapiro wrote:
>> Does 'bin/dumpdb lists/LISTNAME/config.pck' produce appropriate output
>> for both old and new lists?
> They both seem consistent. Is there anything in particular I should look
> more carefully?

No, I was only interested in whether they produced appropriate output as
opposed to an exception and traceback. You might look at web_page_url
for web server issues (see below), but that shouldn't affect postfix.

> Somehow the old lists are registered somewhere else and the "service
> mailman start" doesn't know where and refuses to start without a list
> called mailman.

Yes. This is consistent with Postfix not finding the old lists.

Look at /etc/init.d/mailman. Is it running the same mailmanctl as you
are running by hand.

Look in every aliases file referenced by Postfix in alias_maps. There
should at least be /etc/aliases and /var/lib/mailman/data/aliases and
maybe others. Are there duplicate aliases for any mailman lists. Do they
all point to the same wrapper (/usr/lib/mailman/mail/mailman).

When you said the web server doesn't recognize the old lists, did you
mean just they don't appear on http://example.com/mailman/listinfo or
that also you get a 'no such list' from

Continuing to grasp at straws, try

sudo find / -name config.pck

Does that return more than just the one
/var/lib/mailman/lists/LISTNAME/config.pck for the new lists.

If you are running SELinux, try disabling it.

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