[Mailman-Users] Mailman 2.1.16 release.

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sat Jul 20 02:51:48 CEST 2013

I am pleased to announce the second release candidate for Mailman 2.1.16.

Python 2.4 is the minimum supported, but Python 2.7 is recommended.

This release has a few new features and several bug fixed as detailed in
the attached README.

Differences from the first candidate are the inclusion of the admindb
summary sorting options feature and the 'author is list' feature and a
bug fix for lp:1203200. The Farsi translation has also been updated.

Mailman is free software for managing email mailing lists and
e-newsletters. Mailman is used for all the python.org and
SourceForge.net mailing lists, as well as at hundreds of other sites.

For more information, please see:


Mailman 2.1.16rc2 can be downloaded from


I anticipate that the 2.1.16 final release will be in early September.
Bugs found between now and then will be fixed if possible, but I hope
that most if not all changes between now and then will be i18n updates.
Please send any updates to the templates and/or message catalogs in the
2.1.16rc2 release directly to me no later than 1 Sept 2013.

Note that there is a minor glitch in the tarball in that the NEWS file
dates the release as xx-Aug-2013 instead of 19-Jul-2013, but I didn't
think it was worth uploading new files for that.

Mark Sapiro <mark at msapiro.net>        The highway is for gamblers,
San Francisco Bay Area, California    better use your sense - B. Dylan
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2.1.16rc2 (19-Jul-2013)

  New Features

    - There is a new list attribute author_is_list to rewrite the From: header
      of posts replacing the posters address with that of the list for
      compatability with DMARC and or ADSP.  There is a new mm_cfg.py setting
      DEFAULT_AUTHOR_IS_LIST to control the default for new lists, and the
      existing REMOVE_DKIM_HEADERS setting has been extended to allow removing
      those headers only for author_is_list = Yes lists.  This feature must be
      enabled by setting ALLOW_AUTHOR_IS_LIST to Yes in mm_cfg.py.

    - There is a new DISPLAY_HELD_SUMMARY_SORT_BUTTONS setting which if set
      in mm_cfg.py will display a set of radio buttons in the admindb held
      message summary to select how the held messages are sorted and grouped
      for display. The exact setting determines the default grouping and
      sorting.  See the description in Defaults.py for details.

    - Setting digest_size_threshhold to zero now means no digests will be
      sent based on size instead of a digest being sent with every post.
      (LP: #558274)

    - There is a new mm_cfg.py setting SUBSCRIBE_FORM_SECRET which will put
      a dynamically generated, hidden hash in the listinfo subscribe form and
      check it upon submission.  Setting this will prevent automated processes
      (bots) from successfully POSTing web subscribes without first retrieving
      and parsing the form from the listinfo page.  The form must also be
      submitted no later than FORM_LIFETIME nor no earlier than
      SUBSCRIBE_FORM_MIN_TIME after retrieval.  Note that enabling this will
      break any static subscribe forms on your site.  See the description in
      Defaults.py for more info.  (LP: #1082746)

    - add_members now has an option to add members with mail delivery disabled
      by admin.  (LP: #1070574)

    - IncomingRunner now logs rejected messages to the vette log.
      (LP: #1068837)

    - The name of the mailmanctl master lock file is now congigurable via the
      mm_cfg.py setting MASTER_LOCK_FILE.  (LP: #1082308)

    - list_lists now has an option to list only lists with public archives.
      (LP: #1082711)

  Contributed programs

    - A new import_majordomo_into_mailman.pl script has been contributed by
      Geoff Mayes.  (LP: #1129742)

    - A new "sitemap" bash script has been contributed by Tomasz Chmielewski
      <mangoo at wpkg.org> to generate a sitemap.xml file of an installation's
      public archives for submission to search engines.


    - A Farsi (Persian) translation has been added thanks to Javad Hoseini and
      Mahyar Moghimi.

    - Fixed several misspelled or garbled string replacements in the Spanish
      message catalog.  (LP: #1160138)

    - pt_BR message catalog has two new and an updated message per Hugo Koji
      Kobayashi.  (LP: #1138578)

    - German message catalog has been updated per Ralf Hildebrandt.

    - Corrected typo in templates/it/private.html.

  Bug Fixes and other patches

    - Fixed cron/disabled to send a fresh cookie when notifying disabled
      members.  (LP: #1203200)

    - Added "message_id" to the interpolation dictionary for the Article.html
      template.  (LP: #725498)

    - Changed the admin GUI to report only the bad entries in a list of email
      addresses if any are bad.  (LP: #558253)

    - Added logging for template errors in HyperArch.py.  (LP: #558254)

    - Added more explanation to the bad owner address message from
      bin/newlist.  (LP: #1200763)

    - Fixed a bug causing the admin web interface to fail CSRF checking if
      the list name contains a '+' character.  (LP: #1190802)

    - Fixed bin/mailmanctl -s to not remove the master lock if it can't be
      determined to be truly stale.  (LP: #1189558)

    - It is no longer possible to add 'invalid' addresses to the ban_list
      and the *_these_nonmembers filters from the check boxes on the admindb
      interface.  (LP: #1187201)

    - Backported recognition for mail.ru DSNs and minor bug fixes from
      lp:flufl.bounce.  (LP: #1074592, LP: #1079249 and #1079254)

    - Defended against buggy web servers that don't include an empty
      QUERY_STRING in the CGI environment.  (LP: #1160647)

    - The Switchboard.finish() method now logs the text of the exception when
      it fails to unlink/preserve a .bak file.  (LP: #1165589)

    - The pending (un)subscriptions waiting approval are now sorted by email
      address in the admindb interface as intended.  (LP: #1164160)

    - The subscribe log entry for a bin/add_members subscribe now identifies
      bin/add_members as the source.  (LP: #1161642)

    - Fixed a bug where the Subject: of the user notification of a
      bin/remove_members unsubscribe was not in the user's language.
      (LP: #1161445)

    - Fixed a bug where BounceRunner could create and leave behind zero length
      bounce-events files.  (LP: #1161610)

    - Added recognition for another Yahoo bounce format.  (LP: #1157961)

    - Changed configure's method for getting Python's include directory from
      distutils.sysconfig.get_config_var('CONFINCLUDEPY') to
      distutils.sysconfig.get_python_inc().  (LP: #1098162)

    - Added an Auto-Generated: header to password reminders.  (LP: #558240)

    - Fixed a bug where non-ascii characters in the real name in a subscription
      request could throw a UnicodeEncodeError upon subscription approval and
      perhaps in other situations too.  (LP: #1047100)

    - The query fragments send_unsub_notifications_to_list_owner and
      send_unsub_ack_to_this_batch will now assume default values if not set
      in mass unsubscribe URLs.  (LP: #1032378)

    - Replaced utf-8 encoded characters in newly added German templates with
      HTML entities. (LP: #1018208)
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