[Mailman-Users] pure virtual hosting - possible solution

Daniel Pocock daniel at pocock.com.au
Mon Jul 29 12:58:21 CEST 2013


I've been looking at whether it is possible to do pure virtual hosting
with Mailman.  When I say "pure", I mean that there will be no shared
domain for the site list (that is the most important requirement for me)
and that the globally-unique list name issue will be eliminated (maybe
important for some other users).

Some comments I've seen suggest it is necessary to do a full source
build into a standalone tree for each "pure" virtual domain.  I'm also
trying to avoid that, I'd like to use the binaries from Debian packages
so that I get the security updates and so that I don't have extra overhead.

My impression is that the solution can be achieved, but that multiple
copies of /var/lib/mailman are necessary, e.g:


and that some hacks would be needed in the following places:


Presumably, somebody could:
a) cp -r /var/lib/mailman /var/lib/mailmen/example.org
b) create a symlink to their hacked paths.py and Defaults.py somehow,
using symlinks to the normal binaries for everything else
c) in the Apache config, use aliases that point to the
/var/lib/mailmen/example.org/cgi-bin directory
d) make sure that the scripts in the aliases file are pointing to
e) set up an extra init script for each instance (or some init script
that starts multiple qrunners)

Would this be sufficient for Mailman to run safely with pure virtual
domains?  Have other people implemented variations of this?



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