[Mailman-Users] Is Mailman 2.1 not plushack aware?

Jay Ashworth jra at baylink.com
Mon Jun 3 19:23:48 CEST 2013

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> From: "Bill Cole" <mailmanu-20100705 at billmail.scconsult.com>

> The original poster's difficulty was that MM did not see "user at domain"
> as a valid confirmer of a subscription by "user+tag at domain" but it would
> be profoundly wrong for MM to do so. Making MM recognize multiple tag
> delimiters would multiply the wrongness. The solution for that original
> problem is not in MM, it is for people using tagged addresses to have
> the right mix of tools and presence of mind to send mail using a
> suitable address for each message, i.e. if you subscribe to a MM list
> as "user+tag", you need to confirm the subscription from "user+tag", NOT
> "user".

In fact, I had no problem confirming, as I used the weblink.  It was actual
*posting* I could not then do.

> There would be less of a problem with a subscriber-specific setting that
> would allow confirmed subscribers to tell MM that it should treat some
> pattern of tagged addresses as equivalent to their subscribed address.
> That would not address the OP's complaint, but it could help for
> people who are error-prone in how they send mail.
> > I would love to see this ability in MM3...
> To solve what problem?

To solve the problem I initially queried about -- and I *did* query
about it in sufficient detail, Bill, for you to not mischaracterize it
here; he wants MM to recognize plushacked subscriptions for "can I post"
purposes, as do I.

> I abandoned simple tagging years ago precisely because of would-be mail
> wizards who thought it could be useful to programmatically de-tag my
> addresses, allowing them to intentionally override up my personal and
> domain-level mail handling. In place of the transparent "plus hack" I
> now have slightly more complexity in server config that buys me and my
> users safer tagging while occasionally dropping a wannabe deliverability
> wizard into a blackholed moat of his own digging. The feature you want
> to see in MM3 would probably make it easier for a clueless MM admin to
> do that without bad intent or even thought. There's a certain bofhly
> appeal to that, but I try not to let that side hold sway.

Very clever response, but I think it's a response to a "1% of 1%" problem,
and thus not pertinent to this architectural problem.

To recap:

RFE: That mailman 3 permit users to specify that they subscribe with
plus-hacked addresses (and optionally what delimiter character they use),
for the purpose of poster-address validation on lists for which subscriber-
only posting is enabled.

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