[Mailman-Users] Hello all - mailman down after power failure and hard shutdown

Richard Shetron guest2 at sgeinc.com
Sat Jun 8 20:20:29 CEST 2013

I'd suggest trying "ps -auxww|grep mailman" to seem if any mailman 
processes are running, this assumes mailman runs as its own user id. 
Some installs use the username list or lists instead of mailman.

If nothing show up then I'd check:

1)  /etc/postfix/*.cf and /etc/postfix/transport and diff them with an 
older copy to make sure they haven't changed.

2)  check /var/lib/mailman/qfiles/maildir
     The actual location may depend on your version and installation 
     If mailman is NOT running then the cur subdir should be empty.
     I've found mailman will not restart if there is anything in the 
directory cur.  I'd check the files, if any, in both new and cur and tmp 
just to see what's there.

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