[Mailman-Users] URL of scrubbed attachments missing in the list archive

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Jun 25 23:41:35 CEST 2013

On 06/25/2013 06:56 AM, kardan wrote:
> Hi,
> as listadmin I received a notification, that a 3mb email has been
> moderated. I found the scrubber option and activated it. Afterwards I
> let the mail pass and viewed it in the archive. The mail is there, but
> without attachment (as intended) nor any link to it (contrary to my
> expectation).

Perhaps the attachment was removed by Mailman's content filtering.

> To reproduce one can try:
> * setup a ML wihtout scrubbing enabled
> * send a mail to the list that exceeds the size limit
> * after the mail appeared for moderation, activate scrubbing
> * accept the mail and look in the archive if the URL is there
> Can somebody reproduce this?

I can easily reproduce this if the large MIME part in the message is a
Content-Type that will be removed by Mailman's content filtering.

If not, and if by "activate scrubbing" you mean set scrub_nondigest to
Yes, then it should work as you expect and the large MIME part should be
removed and replaced by a URL in both the archive and in the post
delivered to the list.

Note that non text/plain MIME parts that pass content filtering are
always stored aside and replaced by links in the plain format digest and
the pipermail archive regardless of the setting of scrub_nondigest.

So the underlying question is what was the MIME Content-Type of the
large message part and what are your list's content filtering settings?

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