[Mailman-Users] Is there any throttle function in mailman?

Javad Hoseini-Nopendar javad at irannopendar.com
Wed Jun 26 20:08:27 CEST 2013

Hi everybody
I like very much to use mailman, but I am always concerned about hosting the 
mailing list by my own website. In fact, my website host, limits the number 
of allowed emails to 300 emails per hour. I have a mailing list with about 
70 members and right now, the average rate of email sending is one email per 
week, which means 70 emails per week. Of course that is not beyond the 
permitted limit, but I would like to expand my activities. I would like to 
advertise for my mailing list, so more and more members will com to this 
list, but there is always a big concern. if in the peak time, the users send 
more than 5 emails in an hour (more than 300 emails per hour), or if the 
number of my members goes higher, it will be very likely that some of the 
emails sent to this mailing list will be rejected or returned by the mailing 
list. Is there any throttle feature in mailman that manages the high traffic 
of emails in a way that I can make sure no email will be rejected or 

Thank you

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