[Mailman-Users] Obtaining Membership List

Brian Canty bcanty at apsa.org
Tue Mar 12 17:39:33 CET 2013

Dear Bill,

Actually it is easy to get that information.  Send an email to


In the body of the email type

Who <list password>

You will get an email back that contains all those email address you have subscribed to the list.

Make sure under privacy options, you have the 

Who can view subscription list? Administrator checked off and make sure you're an administrator.

Hope this helps.

Brian Canty
Manager, Computer Information Services
American Psychoanalytic Association
(212) 752-0450 x17


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I first need to say I am not a professional tech person. But Mailman version
2.1.15 comes with my site, so I've been running it for my Adult Education Association.

Now, our Pres would like to get the listing of the membership and I don't know any quick or easy way of obtaining the list of  330 subscribers for her.

Could someone explain how I can get the subscribers' list.

Would gratefully appreciate it.


Bill McQueen in Toronto

William McQueen, Coordinator Electronic Information Canadian Association for the Study of Adult Education Association Canadienne pour l' Étude de l' Éducation des Adultes william.mcqueen at alumni.utoronto.ca
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