[Mailman-Users] strange problem

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Mar 14 00:34:20 CET 2013

Bruce Harrison wrote:

>All of a sudden it seems that mailman is adding an address to the CC field.  It's a bad address, of the form xxxxxx at mailman.utm.edu (this is our mailman box). 
>It's happened to a couple of people, posting to different lists.  It's normally a first name like Thomas at mailman.utm.edu

So this only occurs with some posts and is not always the same address?

Is the poster doing something like

Cc: Thomas, Bill <bt at example.com>

which is really two addresses, the local address Thomas and
bt at example.com, and then the MTA qualifies the local address by adding
the local domain.

(The correct form of the above would be

Cc: "Thomas, Bill" <bt at example.com>


Cc: Thomas\, Bill <bt at example.com>

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