[Mailman-Users] tabs or whitespaces added at subject line

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Thu Mar 14 12:13:26 CET 2013

Sergio Bastian Rodríguez writes:
 > Thanks for your answer, Mark.
 > I can not understand one issue of that behaviour.  All emails are
 > send/receive by the same email client, Outlook 2003 and 2007
 > versions.  So, when all costumers used the same client software ,
 > is possible that sometimes someone manage emails adding whitespaces
 > into subject headers and sometimes not? I can not find the relation
 > between client and email when all emails are sending with the same
 > format, the same client sometimes adds whitespaces and sometimes
 > not.

A particular client may or may not show the problem.  If the client is
constant, either the problem exists all the time or it doesn't.

However, the text in the subject line matters.  Because Mailman
changes the subject field (adding the list prefix), it may have to
refold the header field.  But this isn't always true.  So sometimes
the problem shows up, sometimes not, even with the same client.



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