[Mailman-Users] strange problem

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Thu Mar 14 23:12:42 CET 2013

Bruce Harrison writes:

 > Thanks for a good, detailed explanation.

You're welcome.  This kind of problem gets sadly technical really

 > Our one remaining Barracuda boxes is an outgoing mail filter,

I really should keep my random opinions to myself.  I'm sure it does a
good job, I was just annoyed that it made tracing the message harder.

 > In Outlook, you can open a mail message, then have it display the
 > actual headers.  When looking at a "Sent" message, there are no
 > headers at all.  Appears to me it just shows what's in the text,
 > including the To:, From:, etc.  no real mail headers we can find.

Perhaps when sending a message Outlook parses those headers in the
text to get the information it gives to the MTA as envelope addresses.
What does the CC in the "Sent" message (any view you can get of it!) 
have related to "Judy", if anything?

 > I don't know why the headers are repeated... I'm copying our
 > Exchange guy on this note, he may have some ideas.

Not terribly important, since we don't think the Exchange boxes are
doing anything except passing on a bare "Judy" in the CC field.  But
without copies of the queuefiles we can't tell where it was introduced.

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