[Mailman-Users] approval before changing mail address

Michael Probst mprobst at irt.de
Mon May 13 17:06:00 CEST 2013

Dear all,

I hope this is the right mailing list to ask this kind of questions.

We run mailing lists with mailman for an organization with multiple
groups and
each group has its own mailing list(s). Our policy requires that
subscriptions are
approved by a moderator.

However, we got requests from people to change their email address
for all their subscriptions. We found that people can do so themselves
via the web interface, but we could not find out how to let a moderator
approve this change.

Required sequence:

* user changes his email address for all his subscriptions (works)
* owner of new email address confirms (works)
* moderator approves (not found)

Is this possible with mailman and if yes what version of mailman is

If not is there any way to remove this option from the member page, so
they can still unsubscribe,
watch the archive, etc.?

Can a list adminstrator change the mail address of a user for all of his
subscriptions at once?

Thanks in advance,


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