[Mailman-Users] Posts by non-subscribers not getting automatically discarded

Tom Browder tom.browder at gmail.com
Wed May 15 21:08:06 CEST 2013

On Wed, May 15, 2013 at 12:47 PM, Mark Sapiro <mark at msapiro.net> wrote:
> On 05/15/2013 07:48 AM, Tom Browder wrote:
>> + the post is being deferred due to improper content
> The phrase "improper content" does not appear in any standard GNU
> Mailmamn hold reason. Either you are not reporting the actual reason or
> you have a custom or modified handler in the pipeline ahead of Moderate

I'm sorry, you're correct, Mark.  I forgot you told me earlier how to
write such a handler which I implemented successfully.  You said:

> You need to implement a
> custom handler <http://wiki.list.org/x/l4A9>. That FAQ contains a
> skeleton example MyHandler.py which does what you ask and more.

So I guess the real question is "how do I postpone that handler until
AFTER the check for whether the poster is a member?"

After reviewing the original implementation instructions I think I can
fix the problem.

Consider the problem solved unless I run into problems.

Thanks so much!

Best regards,


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