[Mailman-Users] What determines mailman webui login duration?

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Thu Nov 14 10:07:17 CET 2013

Richard Damon writes:

 > But servers will expires sessions that haven't been used for awhile
 > (they need to, the browser won't tell them they have expired the
 > session). Once this happens, even if the browser still has the cookie,
 > it doesn't help anymore. The question comes how long will this be? and
 > the answer is it depends on the servers settings.

Which for Mailman 2 appears to be AUTHENTICATION_COOKIE_LIFETIME:

# If the following is set to a non-zero value, web authentication
# cookies will
# expire that many seconds following their last use.

from Defaults.py.in.

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