[Mailman-Users] Simple statistics

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Sun Oct 6 18:29:50 CEST 2013

Crile Carvey writes:

 > But I have since learned that mailman is just not made to be easy ;-).

That depends on what you want to be "easy".  Mailman 2 is basically a
complete rewrite of the internals of Mailman 1, but the program's
goals and assumptions, and therefore the basic specification, are
unchanged from its origin almost 20 years ago.  The goal was to make
managing lists of addresses, especially for "open subscription" lists,
as simple as possible.  The assumption was that the site admin would
have the expected skills such as log-bashing, and access to those

Mailman 3 has relaxed a lot of those assumptions based on FAQs over
the last couple of decades, but one thing that nobody has thought
much about AFAIK is collecting metrics on the Mailman service itself.
(Some people are pretty excited about trying to turn Mailman into an
SNS and collecting metrics about people and lists, but that's not the
same thing.)

You can help us a lot by posting a description of what metrics you
wanted (and maybe a bit about why).  If you can get your hands dirty
and actively help with the design, <mailman-developers at python.org> is
the place to go.  If your time is limited but you can give this one
thing a shot, do post here on <mailman-users at python.org>.  We hope
that that will encourage other users to post their stories, use cases,
ideas, and requirements.


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