[Mailman-Users] Signature and subscriptions

Steve Sokol ssokol at ix.netcom.com
Tue Oct 8 07:43:17 CEST 2013

I am a very new Mailman user - a couple of days - so my questions may be ridiculously simple.  Trying to learn!

When we send messages, there is an attachment which is the signature which would normally appear at the bottom of the list.  Simple question: How can I make it a signature instead of an attachment?

I should mention that we are using the Mailman that comes with Cpanel, which is probably a very "vanilla" implementation.  I assume there are levels of implementation.

Second question:  When people join our organization, they can select one or more mailing lists in which to participate.  We do not want them able to subscribe from outside the membership data base.  [Our moderators ill add them.  For now, we are set up to force moderation of the subscription.  Can we stop the system to not even allow subscription.  We have a fixed community to which we promote, so we do not feel any form of promotion through Mailman is necessary.

This "newbie" will appreciate any suggestions.


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