[Mailman-Users] Spam detection issue

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Tue Oct 8 16:41:23 CEST 2013

Re at lබණ්ඩා™ writes:

 > I've detected something doubtful situation in mailman because it has
 > released an email with spam flagged.

Mailman doesn't know anything about spam or spam flags.  Mailman's
native filtering uses regular expressions, and takes certain actions
based on matches to those regular expressions.  In the case of use
with SpamAssassin, I would recommend setting Mailman to HOLD or
DISCARD when the expression



There is also an extension, not maintained by this project, which
calls SpamAssassin from Mailman, but I don't know how that works.  It
may reject mail itself, or it may pass on the responsibility to the
filters as above.

You need to tell us more about how spam filtering is configured on
your system.

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