[Mailman-Users] Automatic update of list members while making it possible to (un)subscribe manually

Henrik Rasmussen her at adm.ku.dk
Thu Oct 24 15:02:53 CEST 2013

Before I start making my own script, I was wondering whether the feature I need is already available. I run Mailman version: 2.1.5.

I have two types of Mailman lists
* some of which members are allowed to subscribe or unsubscribe as desired (though some list administrators still need to approve subscriptions)
* and some lists, which members of a certain group must be subscribed to, as long as they are part of the group.

The group-members e-mail addresses are extracted from the group and pushed to the list using " add_members -wn -r /tmp/group_members.lst mailman-list". Likewise are those, no longer part of the group, removed from the list using "remove_members -n -N -f /tmp/group_exmembers.lst mailman-list".

Now I want to combine those features, having lists that are updated automatically using above method, but at the same time making sure that group members, who have manually opted-out from the mailinglist, won't be subscribed to the mailinglist automatically again, and also making sure that people, who are not part of the group, have the ability to opt-in to the mailinglist without being removed by automatic procedure.

Is there a neat way of accomplish this already?

Henrik Rasmussen

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