[Mailman-Users] tuning bounce behavior with VERP

Barry S. Finkel bsfinkel at att.net
Mon Sep 2 20:35:12 CEST 2013

On 9/2/2013 12:52 PM, Perry E. Metzger wrote:
> I have a Postfix setup with VERP turned on for some lists that I run.
> (I'm cool with the load using VERP with every message implies.)
> I'd like to be able to tune bounce behavior, but the documentation for
> this seems a bit spotty. What can I adjust to make things behave the
> way I might like?
> Perry
> -- Perry E. Metzger perry at piermont.com

If I remember all of the parameters correctly, you can set

     a) the bounce score when the bounce is determined "fatal"
        and the NDR message is sent to the list owner(s).
        The default is 5.0 .

I do not remember the other settings.  But the URL


lists them.  A fatal NDR (once per day) is
treated as a bounce, and increases the bounce score by 1.0 . A soft
bounce is counted as 0.5 .  When I was running a Mailman server I ran
a daily report that gave me for each list all of the subscribers with
a bounce score greater than 0.0; this was via a script written by Marc

The list owner(s) does/do not see any NDR until the bounce score reaches
the maximum.

--Barry Finkel

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