[Mailman-Users] Disaster recovery: fastest / best route advice sought

Fil fil at rezo.net
Wed Sep 25 20:41:57 CEST 2013

I would suggest that, on the Web server, you just proxy /mailman/ to your
Mailman's web service.

If you're using apache, something like this on the Web front-end will do:

ProxyPass /mailman http://ml.example.com/mailmanProxyPassReverse
/mailman http://ml.example.com/mailman

If you're using varnish, all the better, just define the mailman URL as a

-- Fil

On Wed, Sep 25, 2013 at 8:34 PM, Richard <richard at karmannghia.org> wrote:

> Well Gang,
> I never did get mail working properly until this morning, and I'm just now
> focusing my attention back on mailman - can't worry about a mailing list
> manager when there's no competent mail services! (Note: FC19 is a bad
> choice for a server - I'll say no more about it.)
> ...This means we had our event and of course never had any email
> communications before it and, unfortunately, it was the worse for it...
> On Fri, 20 Sep 2013, Mark Sapiro wrote:
>> cat /usr/lib/mailman/Mailman/**Version.py and look at
>> MAJOR_REV = 2
>> MINOR_REV = 1
>> MICRO_REV = 16
> Thanks, Mark, I'v apparently been using 2.1.13.
> I presume that, with the goal of restoring between versions, there aren't
> any significant issues with either loading into mailman.x86_64
> 3:2.1.15-12.fc19, or possibly mailman-2.1.14-12.fc16.x86_64.**.. I'm
> still reading up on the articles you pointed me at.
> Nobody responded regarding splitting web and email activities - is this
> even possible? Right now is the time for me to decide which route to take.
> Whichever route, it won't be fun!
> Right now the email services are being performed by an older internal
> server which has some good advantages for users, but it doesn't at present
> expose web services, and I haven't got a gateway / firewall that can
> forward port 80 because they're already in service serving httpd... ...I'm
> concerned that running on other than port 80 will cause other kinds of
> problems. I'm also not anxious to the risk of opening up an nfs disk to
> such a system, but could that even work?
> Any thoughts, please? If you think splitting things up is unrealistic,
> please say so! Otherwise, I might be dumb (desperate) enough to try it and
> I've lost a lot of time as it is!
> Thanks much,
> Richard
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