[Mailman-Users] Disaster recovery: fastest / best route advice sought

Richard richard at KarmannGhia.org
Wed Sep 25 21:44:15 CEST 2013

On Wed, 25 Sep 2013, Fil wrote:
> I would suggest that, on the Web server, you just proxy /mailman/ to your
> Mailman's web service.
> If you're using apache, something like this on the Web front-end will do:
> ProxyPass /mailman http://ml.example.com/mailman
> ProxyPassReverse /mailman http://ml.example.com/mailman
> If you're using varnish, all the better, just define the mailman URL as a
> backend.
> -- Fil

Hi Fil, thanks for the reply...

...I dont' know what 'varnish' is (in this context), but I do have Apache 
running services on two web server systems...

I've never heard of this ProxyPass, or ProxyPassReverse (no surprise 
there!) so please help confirm my new understanding of them: I take it 
that in the example you gave, the URL (http://ml.example.com/mailman) 
pertains to the internal system, and ProxyPass and ProxyPassReverse are 
the two directions of a bidirectional feed that, in effect, makes the 
internal web server's targeted URL (namely, access to mailman) presented 
as "mailman" in whatever Apache container (like a virtual host) these 
parameters are included under?

So, that's making not the whole internal web server but JUST whereever 
that URL points to now be served by the external lable that's the first 
argument to ProxyPass and ProxyPassReverse?

If I understand correctly, GEEZ THAT'S COOL, and _completely_ solves my 
dilema! Please Confirm I got it!


> On Wed, Sep 25, 2013 at 8:34 PM, Richard <richard at karmannghia.org> wrote:
>       Well Gang,
>       I never did get mail working properly until this morning, and
>       I'm just now focusing my attention back on mailman - can't worry
>       about a mailing list manager when there's no competent mail
>       services! (Note: FC19 is a bad choice for a server - I'll say no
>       more about it.)
>       ...This means we had our event and of course never had any email
>       communications before it and, unfortunately, it was the worse
>       for it...
>       On Fri, 20 Sep 2013, Mark Sapiro wrote:
>             cat /usr/lib/mailman/Mailman/Version.py and look at
>             MAJOR_REV = 2
>             MINOR_REV = 1
>             MICRO_REV = 16
>             REL_LEVEL = GAMMA
> Thanks, Mark, I'v apparently been using 2.1.13.
> I presume that, with the goal of restoring between versions, there
> aren't any significant issues with either loading into mailman.x86_64
> 3:2.1.15-12.fc19, or possibly mailman-2.1.14-12.fc16.x86_64... I'm
> still reading up on the articles you pointed me at.
> Nobody responded regarding splitting web and email activities - is
> this even possible? Right now is the time for me to decide which route
> to take. Whichever route, it won't be fun!
> Right now the email services are being performed by an older internal
> server which has some good advantages for users, but it doesn't at
> present expose web services, and I haven't got a gateway / firewall
> that can forward port 80 because they're already in service serving
> httpd... ...I'm concerned that running on other than port 80 will
> cause other kinds of problems. I'm also not anxious to the risk of
> opening up an nfs disk to such a system, but could that even work?
> Any thoughts, please? If you think splitting things up is unrealistic,
> please say so! Otherwise, I might be dumb (desperate) enough to try it
> and I've lost a lot of time as it is!
> Thanks much,
> Richard
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