[Mailman-Users] sendmail and mailman mail0-wrapper

Bruce Harrison harrison at utm.edu
Tue Apr 8 00:05:03 CEST 2014

Installing a new version of mailman on a new virtual machine (debian 4.6.3-14), and Mailman is complaining of a group mismatch error on the mail-wrapper.  System is executing as mail and mailman wants it executed as mailman group.

Looked for the smrsh config in sendmail, but this version on Debian seems not to use that.
Also can't get sendmail to accept remote connections.  Localhost works fine.
Telnet to port 25 on host works fine.  Remote telnet gets "554 mailman2.xxx.xxx ESMTP not accepting messages

Looked at various pages on the web for sendmail and mailman, but not finding much.

I'm convinced it's a setting in sendmail,but... no idea what it is.

Any sendmail experts out there?

Bruce Harrison
UT Martin

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