[Mailman-Users] sendmail and mailman mail0-wrapper

Hank van Cleef vancleef at lostwells.net
Tue Apr 8 23:56:01 CEST 2014

The esteemed Bruce Harrison has said:
> Installing a new version of mailman on a new virtual machine (debian 4.6.3-14), and Mailman is complaining of a group mismatch error on the mail-wrapper.  System is executing as mail and mailman wants it executed as mailman group.
> Looked for the smrsh config in sendmail, but this version on Debian seems not to use that.
> Also can't get sendmail to accept remote connections.  Localhost works fine.
> Telnet to port 25 on host works fine.  Remote telnet gets "554 mailman2.xxx.xxx ESMTP not accepting messages
> Looked at various pages on the web for sendmail and mailman, but not finding much.
> I'm convinced it's a setting in sendmail,but... no idea what it is.
> Any sendmail experts out there?
I'll respond to this because I don't see any other responses on the
Mailman mail list, and I use sendmail with Mailman on a Solaris 10
system.  I've used sendmail ever since there was a sendmail, but would
hardly call myself an "expert."  I use sendmail because the Solaris
distributions have a good implementation as a part of the general

First off, let me say that MTA's in general are supported using
MTA-specific resources.  

Also, and more importantly, you have to have whatever MTA you are
using already set up to send and receive mail from MUA clients before
thinking about integrating Mailman as an additional MUA.  I don't know
what's available for sendmail on Debian, what the quality of any
prepackaged distribution is (or isn't).  I do know that smrsh is part
of the sendmail package, so if you don't have it somewhere on your
system, you probably haven't got a good sendmail to work with.  In
that case.  It's open source, so you can compile your own, which I'd
recommend unless you've got a known-good distribution available.  

For sendmail support, the distribution website has a lot of
information, and there is a big README included in the package.  Most
administrators who do sendmail have a copy of the O'Reilly "Sendmail"
book, commonly called the "Bat Book."  You'll need that.  There is
also a comp.mail/sendmail Usenet group, which is reasonably active.

If you are limited to prepackaged distributions, I'd strongly suggest
using Postfix on a Debian system.  


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