[Mailman-Users] DMARC issues

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Fri Apr 11 06:21:44 CEST 2014

Mark Sapiro writes:

 > Unfortunately, when I actually turned this on in response to
 > Yahoo's change in DMARC policy, I got complaints from users of
 > Apple iOS iThings that their mail clients do not deal well with
 > this message,

The iOS 6 mail client was just plain unusable, and in very limited
experience the iOS 7.1 client is not a lot better.  Neither can stay
synched with the state of Gmail on my PC.  It's easier to use Gmail
from Safari (even though Safari has trouble displaying those pages
correctly), and I'm going to try the Gmail iPhone client later today
(I normally don't process mail from my iPhone 4S/iOS 7.1).

I can't speak for those who don't use Gmail, of course, but I find it
hard to be sympathetic with people who complain that the very limited
clients provided by Apple are, well, *very* limited.

 > so I reluctantly went the non-compliant mung the From: way.

That's a shame.  I really think putting the blame on Yahoo! and the
DMARC advocates (Yahoo! clearly being a leader in that crowd), where
it belongs, and the discomfort on Yahoo! users, is a better idea.

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