[Mailman-Users] Emails from yahoo members, are getting rejected by yahoo, "Service Unavailable".

Peter Shute pshute at nuw.org.au
Tue Apr 15 22:17:21 CEST 2014

> On 16 Apr 2014, at 4:05 am, "Lindsay Haisley" <fmouse at fmp.com> wrote:
> So just to be clear, putting a damper on this at this point requires
> _only_ that posts from yahoo.com be blocked from posting to a list.  Is
> this correct?  This can be done by selectively unsubscribing (or
> moderating) current yahoo.com users and adding "^.*@yahoo\.com" to the
> ban_list of addresses banned from membership going forward.  Should some
> other ESP start publishing advisory DMARC records then said ESP would
> need to be added to the ban_list as well.

Does yahoo allow people to use their own domain names with yahoo mail? Ie is it good enough to just look at the subscriber's email address?

Peter Shute

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